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    How to Get Notarized Documents in Nepal from Australia



    How to Get Notarized Documents in Nepal from Australia

    How to Get Notarized Documents in Nepal from Australia
    How to Get Notarized Documents in Nepal from Australia

    If you are a Nepali citizen or resident living or traveling in Australia, you may need to get some documents notarized and translated for various purposes. For example, you may need to prove your identity, authorize someone to act on your behalf, or certify a copy of an original document. However, finding a Nepali notary public or a qualified translator in Australia can be challenging and time-consuming. That's why we created Notary Nepal, the online platform that allows you to get your documents notarized and translated from anywhere in the world.

    What is Notary Nepal?

    Notary Nepal is a team of licensed and experienced Nepali notary public and professional Nepali-English translators. You can send us your documents and get them notarized and translated.

    Notary Nepal is compliant with the laws and regulations of both Nepal and Australia. We use secure encryption and authentication methods to protect your privacy and data. 

    What are the benefits of using Notary Nepal?

    Notary Nepal is your best choice for online notary and translation services in Nepal because:

    • We are fast and convenient: You can get your documents notarized or translated online within 12 hours. You just need to send your documents to our Whatsapp/Viber or email and we will take care of the rest. You don't have to visit our office or wait in line.
    • We are affordable and transparent: We charge reasonable and competitive fees for our notary and translation services. We don't have any hidden or extra charges. You can get a free quote before you place your order.
    • We are reliable and professional: We have a team of experienced and qualified notaries and translators who can handle your documents with care and confidentiality. We follow the standards and regulations of the Nepal Notary Public Council and the Nepal Translators Association. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.
    • We are available and accessible: We are open from 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday through Friday. You can contact us anytime by phone, email, or live chat. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you with your needs.

    How to use Notary Nepal?

    Getting your documents notarized or translated online with Notary Nepal is easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

    • Step 1: You can email us your documents or send them through email, or live chat like WhatsApp and Viber.
    • Step 2: Receive a free quote and a confirmation email from us. You can pay online using Esewa, Khalti, IMEPay, bank transfer, or cash.
    • Step 3: Receive your notarized or translated documents by email. You can also request a physical copy by mail if needed.

    What types of documents can you get notarized with Notary Nepal?

    You can get almost any type of document notarized with Notary Nepal, as long as it is legal and valid in both Australia and Nepal. Some of the most common documents we handle are:

    If you are not sure whether your document can be notarized online, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


    Notary Nepal is the best solution for getting your documents notarized in Nepal from Australia. We offer you convenience, speed, affordability, quality, and security. We have thousands of satisfied customers who trust us with their important documents. 

    Don't let distance or time zones stop you from getting your documents notarized. Try Notary Nepal today and see for yourself how easy and fast it is to get your documents notarized online.

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